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Quality Control

While service quality is a key factor to consider for business growth, we at Yanggu put nothing above product quality which we believe is essential to business survival and thrival.

Every step, from raw material entering the factory to final product delivery, is closely checked for quality with great attention to detail. From our ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, we are able to construct some of the best rock drill tools and mining bits in the industry, utilizing premium-grade steel and cemented carbide, so customers will receive nothing but the highest quality product.

Metallographic Microscope
Using a metallographic microscope, lab testers observe and study the microscopic structure of metals and minerals, among other opaque objects via a computer screen. By analyzing the microstructure of materials using metallographic analysis techniques, they can rate these materials in terms of hardness, wear resistance, etc.

Direct Reading Spectrometer
The direct reading spectrometer is a handy tool to conduct quantitative analysis on black metals and non-ferrous metals. It provides a fast and effective method for product quality control.

Pendulum Impact Tester
Used for testing the impact strength of metallic and non-metallic materials under dynamic loading conditions.

Hydraulic Universal Tester
A variety of material properties can be tested using this hydraulic universal tester, including tensile strength, bend strength, shear strength, etc. These tests can be performed in line with GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM or DIN standards. Test results can be presented according to those standards as well.

Brinell Hardness Tester, Rockwell Hardness Tester
These hardness testers are used to check the hardness of finished rock drilling tools to ensure the heat treatments haven't been done for nothing.

Intelligent Carbon/Sulphur Analyzer
Used for fast, accurate analysis of the amount of carbon and sulphur contained in the finished rock drilling tools.

Oxygen/Hydrogen Analyzer
Analyzes the oxygen and hydrogen content of the drill bit, drill rod, alloy, molybdenum, nickel, ceramic and other inorganic materials.

Cemented Carbide Test Lab

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