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    1. Available in lengths from 0.4m to 10m, these drill rods are highly wear-resistant and unlikely to break, suitable for use on small-scale, air-powered or hydraulic rock drilling machines.

    1. The hollow drill steel is vital material for making drill rods. It is typically supplied as steel hollow bars that made from premium grade steel and through closely-controlled metallurgical processes.

    1. Integral drill steel is made from case-hardened specialty tool steel for extended service life under severe working conditions. It is able to maintain high dimensional accuracy to ensure a seamless fit with the drill bit.

    1. The tap hole drill tool is mainly used to open holes near the bottom of a blast furnace through which molten slags can be tapped off. Our tap hole drill tool is made of quality steel and cemented carbide.

    1. High drilling efficiency, low air consumption, light weight, fast drilling speed and superior fuel economy are major benefits involved in the use of Yanggu rock drill.