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Shandong Yanggu Rock Drilling Tools Factory is the industry-recognized leader in rock bits manufacturing. Since our early days in 1998, we have been engaged in the engineering, manufacture and supply of rock drill tools. Our brand Jingyanggang draws us high praise from industry professionals.

The range of our drill tools is wide and varied. We can customize a drill bit design to suit customers' personal needs. Having a complete range of precision machining equipment and flexible production lines in hand, we are able to respond quickly to the changing market demand and evolving customer requirements for product design, in an attempt to meet customer differing needs.

As we continue to improve our manufacturing process, our production now can be standardized to deliver consistent outcome. Our NC machining center, NC lathe, live monitoring electric furnace, medium and high frequency induction furnace, paired with advanced CAD and CAPP software, as well as a full range of inspection and testing equipment, allow us to maintain total control of product quality.

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  • 5-axis Machining Center
  • 5-axis Machining Center
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