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About Yanggu

Chinese owned and operated, Yanggu Rock Drilling Tools specializes in the design and manufacture of cemented carbide and polycrystalline diamond drill tools for the drilling, tunneling, drifting and mining applications.

Rock drill bits and mining bits are flagship products of Yanggu, and have been since 1998. The company is located in Yanggu County, east of Dezhou-Shangqiu highway, with the Jingjiu Railway running through the city. This prime location grants us convenient shipping routes.

Our manufacturing facility is built on a 16-acre land with more than 600 talented workers on staff. Among them, both our president and key technical personnel boast over 3 decades of experience in this field. The factory is home to some of the greatest minds in the design of top quality rock bits. They strive to improve and innovate the forging, heat treating and shrink fitting technologies for rock drilling tools.

Yanggu is ISO9001 approved and we are a high-tech company awarded the honor of Contract-Abiding, Trustworthy Enterprise. We supply a myriad of drill tools, including the threaded drilling tool, blasting furnace tap hole drill tool, DTH drill tool, PDC drill tool, and so much more. Our products can be found in almost every continent of the world, including countries as far-reaching as the US, Australia, Japan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Peru, Columbia, Italy, Japan, India, etc. We welcome international partners to join the growing family of Yanggu.

About Yanggu
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