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Mineral Ground Tools

    1. Miner Bits

      Featured on this page are miner bits built for coal mining, drifting, and tunneling operations. These mining bits, also called conical picks or cutting picks, are made from cemented carbide coated with wear-resistant coatings.

    1. Flat and Radial Picks

      Flat and radial picks are cutting picks (bits) that deliver faster coal cutting speed than comparable conical picks. They also cut coals into larger chunks without pulverizing it, suitable for use in areas where high-quality coals are produced.

    1. Bit Blocks and Sleeves

      A bit block or bit toolholder or pick sleeve holder is a metal block that holds the coal mining bit and bit sleeve during work. The bit sleeve fits over the miner bit and is inserted into the hole of the bit block.

    1. Drilling Tools (for Rock Bolting)

      Drill rods can come with internal dust removal systems, have extended length or can be used as mixing shafts, suitable for use on various rock bolting rigs. Customized drill tools for rock bolting are also available upon customer request.

    1. Surface Mining Tools

      Made from premium grade steel and cemented carbide, the surface mining tool has received advanced heat treatments to ensure each part is heated evenly.

    1. Crusher Picks

      Yanggu crusher pick is constructed from high-strength alloy steel that receives special heat treatments to stay tough and wear resistant. The additional coating layer adds to the great wear resistance of the conical pick.

    1. Foundation Drilling Tools

      Foundation drilling tools provided by Yanggu are mainly used on pile drivers. The rotary drill bit is also suitable for mining coals, iron, gold, copper and lead as well as railway construction and tunneling projects.

    1. Road Milling Tools

      The road milling bit is constructed from premium quality steel that receives advanced heat treatments so each part is heated evenly. This road milling tool is widely used in highway, airport runway and pavement maintain work.

    1. Cutting Tools for Grader Blades

      Various CNC machining tools and German ultra-high precision grinding tools are used to ensure high dimensional accuracy somewhere between 0.002mm and 0.005mm.