Miner Bits

 Miner Bits

Featured on this page are miner bits built for coal mining, drifting, and tunneling operations. These mining bits, also called conical picks or cutting picks, are made from cemented carbide coated with wear-resistant coatings. They cut the coal more cleanly with better penetration. The result is less coal fines and reduced noise level.

Miner Bits Model No.
U82.U84.U85.U92.U94.U95.U62.U47.U138.U765.U170.S100.S120.S135.S150S160.S170.S200.5030.C31, etc.

Premium grade alloy steel body wears in line with cemented carbide inserts for less energy consumption and greater coal drilling efficiency.

Why choose Yanggu?
We offer factory direct prices and excellent drill tool quality on a par with those purchased from world-renowned brands such as Sandvik and Atlas. Upon customer request, we can customize a miner bit for them.

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