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DTH Drilling Tools

We provide a variety of DTH drilling tools listed as follows:
1. Ф80, Ф90, Ф100 DTH hammer
2. Ф50, Ф60, Ф76, Ф89 DTH pipe
3. Ф80, Ф90, Ф105, Ф115, Ф165 DTH drill bit

Yanggu DTH drilling tool is a further development of traditional DTH products currently available on the market, delivering greater stability and extended service life.

    1. Low Pressure DTH Bits

      Yanggu low pressure DTH bit is provided in a variety of diameters, including Ф80, Ф90, Ф105, Ф115, and Ф165, which can be joined to our Ф80, Ф90, and Ф100 DTH hammer via mechanical splines.

    1. DTH Pipes

      The DTH drill pipe has a pipe joint at one end. The joint is made from 42CrMo alloy steel and welded onto the DTH pipe via a process called friction welding for excellent weld strength.

    1. Adapter Subs

      An adapter sub or drill sub or tool joint sub has two types of thread at both ends serving to connect between the drill pipe and drill bit. The drill sub is essentially a pipe joint typically welded on the end of a drill pipe.