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Threaded Drilling Tools

A threaded drilling tool is made up of the drill bit, drill rod, shank adapter, and coupling sleeve. The rock drilling tool made by Yanggu can be used on world-renowned brand-name rock drilling equipment. It is made of premium-grade tool steel that receives special heat treatments. Thread types include R32, R38, T38, T45 and T51.

    1. Threaded Button Bits

      Threaded drill bits are mainly used on hydraulic or air-powered rock drilling machines. They need to connect to drill rods before the whole assembly can be mounted on drilling equipment.

    1. Threaded Cross Bits

      Threaded cross bits are very often used to drill in extreme hardness rock formations. Yanggu thread cross bits are made using the best alloy steel and cemented carbide purchased from both home and abroad.

    1. Shank Adapter

      Made of premium grade alloy steel that receives advanced machining and heat treating techniques, the shank adapter proves to be a perfect fit for many brand-name rock drills.

    1. Coupling Sleeves

      During drilling, the sleeve holds together the drill rod and shank adapter, or between two sections of the drill rod for extended rod length allowing the drill to go deeper in the hole.

    1. Reaming Bits

      Reaming bits or pilot reaming bits or broaching bits are used to enlarge a previously drilled hole in horizontal earth boring operations. To meet the diverse needs to drill in various rock formations, we can customize a rock drill bit for a specific application.