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Tapered Rods

 Tapered Rods

Tapered rods consist of two parts: the rod and the shank (the end of the rod). They are hex rods made of hollow steel that has been heat treated as a whole. Available in lengths from 0.4m to 10m, these drill rods are highly wear-resistant and unlikely to break, suitable for use on small-scale, air-powered or hydraulic rock drilling machines.

Please note that it's best to use the tapered rod on shallow-hole drilling jobs. The quality of our drill rod is on a par with that of international brand name products, such as Sandvik and Atlas Copco. We do custom designs as well.

Shank Hex. : H22x108mm, H19x108mm,H25x108mm
Rod Hex. : H22, H19, H25
Rod Length: 400-10000mm

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