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Cemented Carbide

At Yanggu, we only source the best cemented carbide from well-known companies to ensure the rugged durability of our drill tools.

    1. Button Inserts

      They are classified into different shapes, the most popular being the conical buttons, parabolic buttons, hemispherical buttons, ballistic buttons, and spherical buttons.

    1. Chisel Inserts

      Chisel inserts are one of the two most popular button bit inserts, with the other being the conical inserts. They are mainly used on chisel bits and cross bits, delivering excellent resistance to wear and impact.

    1. Cylindrical Pins

      Cylindrical pins are typically seen on various mining and quarrying occasions, and they are known for their wear and impact resistance. The cylindrical pin is a specialty of our company as we produce 600,000 of it every year.

    1. Custom Cemented Carbide Profiles

      The cemented carbide we've used is a high-purity product that takes sintering better to create the most rugged cemented carbide drill tools. Our process is closely monitored and controlled to ensure the best result.