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Tapered Rock Bits

Having been in the rock drill bit business since 1998, Yanggu Rock Drilling Tools Factory is well-placed to provide drillers and suppliers with a range of tapered drill bits, including the tapered button bit, chisel bit, and cross bit.

    1. Tapered Button Bits

      Yanggu tapered button bit is built to outperform those from Atlas Copco and Sandvik, delivering an efficiency 6 to 8 times that of a blade bit. It speeds production, saves hours of tedious work, and reduces labor costs.

    1. Tapered Cross Bits

      Tapered cross bits are widely used in mining, railroad construction, and tunneling applications. The cross bit made by Yanggu can take great radial stress and its performance remains unaffected by rock cracks or uneven hardness.

    1. Tapered Chisel Bits

      Tapered chisel bits are made of premium grade steel and cemented carbide that has been through advanced welding and machining processes, which accounts for the high toughness and wear resistance of the chisel bits.

Each and every tapered rock drill bit is made from premium grade steel that receives special heat treatments. The many different tool bit designs are created to suit specific rock drilling applications. Tapered rock bits are available in diameters somewhere between 28mm and 45mm, and they are 4, 6, 7, 11, or 12 degrees tapered. These drill bits pair perfectly with Hex.22 and Hex.25 tapered stems for great drilling efficiency and extended use. Our sizable inventory means we can process your order large or small.