About Yanggu

Yanggu manufactures and supplies drill tools for a range of applications. We are a supplier of drilling equipment and our main focus has been rock drill bits and mining bits utilizing cemented carbide and PDC for sale. The main applications are: rock drilling and bolting; down the hole drilling; coal seam gas mining; tunneling; water, oil and gas exploration. Read More

Company Advantages
  • Raw Material Sourcing

    A steady supply of reliable raw material is a prerequisite to maintaining normal production runs and staying competitive among the competition.

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  • Manufacturing

    The range of our drill tools is wide and varied. We can customize a drill bit design to suit customers' personal needs.

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  • Quality Control

    Every step, from raw material entering the factory to final product delivery, is closely checked for quality with great attention to detail.

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Customers can reach us via phone, email, Skype, MSN, etc. We at Yanggu put in the time and effort needed to understand customer needs. Our salesman will give a detailed introduction to our company as well as product-related information including model no., technical specs, performance and intended use. Based on customer specific needs, we will offer the most expert advice on the type of products and service customers need and help them to make fully-informed decisions.

Depending on the local market demand and geological conditions around customers local areas where mining, drilling, tunneling, and rock bolting operations are to be performed, we will select the right product for them, test that product for reliability, and provide a perfect rock drilling solution. We carry out production in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality management system standards and control quality every step of the way to ensure customers will receive nothing but the highest quality products. During manufacture, we keep customers informed of how far our production goes and provide them with solutions to problems occurring in that process.

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